When to ask for help: Are you feeling overwhelmed? ​ Are you experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, and trouble sleeping at nights? ​ Are you anxious, irritable, and withdrawn from others and activities you once enjoyed? ​ Are you having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else? ​ Have you recently experienced grief or loss? ​ Are you having feelings of hopelessness, diminished self-worth and sadness most days? ​ Are you finding it difficult to focus, trouble concentrating, and plagued with negative thoughts on a daily basis? ​ Are you experiencing relationship issues? Are you having feelings of hopelessness, low self esteem?
Rejuvenation House provides individual couples and group therapies to help persons develop self-validation, self-resiliency, and self-esteem skills, Improve communication in relationships and families, and remove obstacles to success and goal realization.
Everyone at one time or another encounters obstacles that can appear overwhelming. You may feel alone, and isolated. Often what is needed is a fresh set of ears from someone genuinely concerned, who has the training and experience to help you find a resolution.

Master of Science (M.S.), Marriage and Family Counselling/Capella University
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