Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence

I am a license clinical social worker that has a wide range of experience in working with families, adolescence and adults. I also have experience in using many evidence based treatment modalities, that have had successful outcomes with various mood and personality disorders. I am culturally competent and able to meet and accept my clients with a positive regards with an in-dept understanding that there are causes (stimuli) and effects to all adverse symptoms and behaviors that can alter the well-being of an individual.
Worked in Reunification and Adoption services in Child Welfare, worked intensively with adolescence and adult in Private Practice treating Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Family and Individual.This provider worked in institutions and hospital settings such as Department of Corrections and Kaiser Permanente providing individual and group psychotherapy.
Again I have experience in the field of behavioral health counseling. I have used an integrative approach to treating my client with their culture, faith and with a system of evidence based treatment modalities as well as including my clients to assist in providing input in the process..

Master of Art (MA), Psychology
Been in Practice Since