The study of psychology to me isn’t the study of the mind as most would believe. But rather it’s the study of the soul. The word psychology comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ (or soul) and ‘logos’ (or study) which concludes that psychology literally means the study of the soul. As a care specialist I desire to be a holistic care provider embracing both the study of the soul and behavior. I have provided various spiritual and bereavement care and support counseling throughout my career. As a pastor I’ve utilized my clinical training to help trouble souls.
I recognize psychology as the science that studies behavior and mental processes. However at the very nucleus of every behavior and or mental process lies the voice of the soul. The science of our profession demonstrates a set of scientific laws we find in collective studies to identify our issues.
Our issues can be verified not only through logical reasoning and observation, but also on the basis of faith, tradition, spirituality or common sense. All of this is directly connected to the soul. Make a life changing decision by giving me a call today. Your journey to better starts here.

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Georgia / MFT000870
The Interdenominational Theological Center of ATL
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