I believe hope is an essential mechanism for change in human beings. Hope drives us to accomplish the greatest feats in our lives. Even for clients who come in with a diminished hope, I love to see them overcome and achieve their preferred future, despite the odds. I have assisted people in striving for hope during my times in ministry, youth work, crisis response and in the counseling setting. I have diverse experience working with various types of trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, grief, depression and anxiety. I work with both individuals and couples.
I specialize in Solution Focused Therapy, a very positive and “straight to the point” approach when it comes to you getting what you want out of the therapeutic process. I believe every client is a Superman (or Superwoman) hiding in a Clark Kent outfit. In therapy, we work together to help you bring out the version of yourself you have always wanted to be.
My name is Jon Williams and I am an LPC-Associate in Texas, supervised by LaVonne Dyste, MA, LPC-S, NCC. Feel free to request an appointment through the Springs website. You can also email me with any questions and I’ll respond within 24 hours!

Amridge University
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