Listening is an art and a science. Speaking with trust to a professional in a private and confidential space. It’s still the best medicine we have. We call it “the talking cure” because is a transformative experience. For this, I provide a healthy and creative environment where all my patients can grow, relax, auto-reflex, think deeply and make the best decision of their life for themselves, their loved’s ones, for partners in a difficult relationship, their children, family as a whole and impact positively life itself and the world permanently.
But with my knowledge as an analyst and many years of experience you can change your life, suffering, sadness, traumas, worries, and pain into acceptance, realization, happiness and success.
En Español: Ven a verme si tienes: Estrés o tensión, Problemas de la vida, Baja estima, Depresión y Traumas (PTSD). Así como también trastornos de ansiedad o conflictos personales o de pareja.

MSSc. Psychoanalysis/The New School
Been in Practice Since