They say the only constant in life is change, which is not always smooth. Whether it’s a major life transition or a minor change both can feel overwhelming, and can throw you off balance. You may have had a painful breakup and you’re finding that picking up the pieces is more challenging than you imagined? Perhaps you recently relocated and you’re finding it hard to adjust? Or maybe you’re in a situation that you need to change, but you’re scared and stalling? I’m here to tell you that no matter how difficult the change is, it’s at these moments where profound healing and transformation can take place.
I’m a holistic psychotherapist and I combine the mindful movements of yoga, nutrition psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help women address the root of their issues and get back to feeling good. What happens in the mind also happens in the body. Therefore, in order to experience true and lasting healing a change must occur in both.
I believe that everyone is capable of great courage, and we all have a remarkable ability to change. As your therapist I’ll guide you along your journey and provide you with the necessary skills to overcome challenges. I create a safe space where together we can tackle the issues that hold you back. Living Well works! Call today to discover how.

Master's degree Social Work/University at Buffalo
Been in Practice Since