You get up every day, get yourself presentable and begin yet another day. For the most part others think your life is great, but you are really overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, barely holding on and depressed. You’re trying your best to hold it together but feel like things are falling apart and you’re scared. You want to feel more in control of your life and you need a place to sort things out where you won’t be judged or shamed. Is your relationships with others or marriage suffering? If you are struggling to find peace of mind, or seeing the effects of stress on your health, work productivity, relationships, know you are not alone.
My goal is to work myself out of a job so I will be invested in helping you gain relief from those life stressors, move forward toward your goals and create the life you want to live. I use Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy & Motivational Interviewing, EMDR and for couples The Gottman Method to help you reach those goals.
My role is to provide an environment of safety, trust, and mutual respect. We work TOGETHER to find new perspectives that work for you. I am not your ordinary therapist. I laugh with you, I praise your achievements and I hold you accountable. You may call or visit my website to schedule your appointment. I am temporally licensed In the State of New Jersey.

Master`s degree, Mental Health Counselling/Capella University
Been in Practice Since