Some of us have learned to fear our emotional lives and/or push them away at all costs, or to disregard what our bodies or interior senses are telling us. While we may believe this way of living at times produces less discomfort for those around us, our internal discomfort grows and grows until it brings about shame and disconnection. Authentic living is the only way out and through this conundrum. I invite you to experience with me the power of understanding and celebrating your capacity to feel. It entails the difficult task of learning self-acceptance and vulnerability, but I will journey with you!
I enjoy working with clients around issues of high sensitivity to environmental (e.g., smells, sights, sounds, situations) or other cues (also known as sensory-processing sensitivity / HSP), in addition to those experiencing familial and relationship concerns, life transitions, body acceptance, mood regulation and depression, as well as anxiety.
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Master`s Degree, Clinical Mental Health Counselling/Webster University
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