I am currently not accepting insurance of any kind. I specifically work with women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, natural disasters, loss of any kind and/or who have been negatively impacted by COVIC-19. I am a good listener and empathetic provider. Clients who want to develop a sense of purpose and are willing to take full control of their lives and decision making would fair well with my brief but impactful interventions. Clients can benefit from 4-12 problem focused sessions. We will concentrate on empowerment and getting to the “root” of the issues at hand in order to positively change behavior.
I help clients by allowing them a safe space to explore their emotions and feelings, by being nonjudgmental and providing feedback that is gentle, honest and engaging. I believe in the resiliency of every human being and that ultimately happiness and integration of traumatic experiences is a birth-right. I specialize in surviving trauma, specifically.
If you are searching for a therapist with years of professional experience, that understands specific cultural nuances in the African-American community and who will be your advocate- while also holding you accountable for your own healing and work-then I may be the one for you. Let’s start with the support and expertise you need…I look forward to it!

Master of Social Work, Wayne State University
Been in Practice Since