Many of my clients have described what they feel is an “invisible ceiling” or barrier that seems to block them from making the changes that would allow them to create the life that they envision for themselves. In my experience, for most people, overcoming these barriers is not usually a direct reflection of effort. In fact, they have usually invested a tremendous amount of energy into reaching goals, resolving problems, and creating significant change in their lives. In spite of these blockages, clients tell me that there is a deep desire to find the hidden passageway to physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom.
I work with clients to achieve practical and lasting change by utilizing a holistic approach with an emphasis on personal strengths. My intention is to help facilitate transformation and enlightenment for the individual who is ready to step into the vision that she sees for herself.
I am an advocate for the strengthening, empowerment, and building up of the family unit and the development of individual growth, health, and achievement. I look forward to joining you on your journey to freedom by exploring your unique situation and applying the techniques that best suit you and your needs.

Emporia State University
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