Grief, Life Coaching, Self-Esteem, Stress
I know what it feels like to hate your body, spend every waking moment thinking about food, constantly comparing yourself to others, and starting over on Monday…every week! When I think back, my first memory of feeling body shame was in elementary school. Yep, elementary. Smh. And my first “diet” of many was soon thereafter. As a Body Love Coach and Psychotherapist, I work to equip women and girls with the knowledge, tools, and support they need in order to ROCK regardless of their weight or body image.
Throughout my experiences working with adults and children, I’ve witnessed entire transformations that come only as a result of addressing both physical needs and our individual psychological hurdles. I’ll work with you to find solutions and tackle stressors, including those caused by low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, chronic dieting, or relationships.
Using a variety of interventions, including a brief treatment method called Accelerated Resolution Therapy, we’ll work together to develop a customized strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat on your journey to becoming your best self and embracing who you are wholeheartedly.

Price Range
$180.00 to $207.00