2021 is here…does that sound exciting or completely overwhelming? Does it feel your life is less manageable? Are you struggling to express your wants and needs? If you need guidance finding your way through a challenging period in your life, I would like to help. Our time together can be short and solution-focused or much longer, depending on the nature of your concerns and your progress in therapy. I use several approaches to therapy which include modalities such as trauma informed, DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing.
I specialize in the area of complex trauma and I am committed to helping adults, adolescents, and children overcome emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral challenges. Some of these challenges may include, trauma, parenting, death, loss, divorce, depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral issues, addiction, self-harm, and suicide, or complex mental health.
I provide easily accessible and high-quality Online Therapy (video chat using HIPAA compliant software). The beauty of online therapy is that you can seek the services you need from the comfort of wherever you are! Other benefits are no commute, you can still seek services if your sick or traveling and some clients feel it provides greater confidentiality.

Masters of education (M.Ed.),Clinical Mental Health Counselling/Kent State University
Been in Practice Since