Having difficulty finding a therapist of color who understands your experience? I understand your struggle. As an African American male, I too had trouble finding a therapist of my own. Being a person of color in our society comes with its own unique experience, along with the everyday struggles and challenges we all face. It’s difficult and frustrating to have to explain this unique experience to someone before you can even address your reason for being there. But you continue searching because you know you need someone who understands your experience and can help you with life’s struggles.
I am also here to say that I can help. My therapeutic approach is experiential and strengths-based, underscoring the strengths and resilience you bring, while prioritizing your unique experience. My past experience involves helping individuals and families learn new coping skills and new ways of framing and understanding these issues.
We will work together to learn how past experiences have come to play a role in your present life and gain new insight into what this means for your future. If you’re ready to be done searching for a therapist who truly understands you, go ahead and give me a call or email for a free 30 min consultation and we can get started.

Master of Psychology at Seattle University
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