Are you feeling lost? Have you been experiencing issues with relationships or infidelity? Are you, or your family members, recently divorced and adjusting to the transition? I can help. Life can get complicated, and when it does it can be hard to know how to cope or move forward. I am here to detangle those complications.
I counsel couples, families, and individuals of all ages, using a variety of therapeutic models that focus on identifying problematic patterns and possible areas for resolution. I also offer group therapy sessions on topics of Life After Divorce, Teen Girls, Couples, Racial Identity, Parenting Classes, “Adulting”, Women’s Empowerment, and several others.
It is my sincere hope to assist you in tapping deeper into your inner strength and feeling empowered to live your truest version of yourself, no matter what life throws at you. Our past is a part of our life story, but it does not have to define our purpose moving forward. I am here to aid in your growth towards the life you want to lead.

Our Lady of the Lake University
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