I feel that everyone has the ability to change their circumstance, to improve upon themselves, or become the person they feel they are capable of being. I believe that each of us has the capacity to change despite our uneventful stumbles, bruises and pains. I believe life is adjustable and definable by each of our own needs to belong and be loved. With my clients I believe in building a rapport, establishing goals and making a commitment to working towards the changes a client wants to see in their lives.
I have training with focus in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, SMI, anxiety, HIV, depression, GLBT, oppositional defiant and ADHD.
Before pursuing a Counseling License, I spent years working in the mental health field working as a case manager, community health worker, and homeless outreach worker seeking to help individuals with mental illness receive care.

Bachelor of Science/ University of Central Oklahoma
Been in Practice Since