Dr. Kenneth Brown has been counseling for more than 30 years on both the East Coast of the USA and Texas. Brown specializes in the following areas with fees prorated according to income (discounts for active duty, veterans/first responders/community leaders and professionals): ESTIMATE FOR SERVICE: Pro-rated based on your income and needs. Averages have been in between $50-$150 per session.
1.)Face to Face and/or Video Phone Sessions 2.)Family Counseling/Co-Dependency 3.) New and/or Divorce Couples 4.) Pre/Post Marriage Counseling; Weddings Officiant/Post Counseling 5.) College Prep and Scholarship Acquisitions ($5 mil ttl to date) 6.) Young Men Counseling & Mentoring (w/ a special emphasis on minorities) 7.) KIPP First Fratt Afterschool Progr
Everyone deserves to be heard. Broken bones can be spotted by the passerby, however when a person has emotional, ongoing struggles, a helpful ear and professional guidance is what is needed. I would love to be able to assist anyone in need.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling, Family Bible University, Baltimore, MD
Been in Practice Since