Change is something we all experience – the inevitable part of life. Though we’re all required to experience it, it is often a stressful, strenuous, confusing process. Through my coursework and personal experiences, I have witnessed the real power to change that we have. This knowledge inspired me to become a therapist: My passion is to guide, assist, and support clients in recognizing and utilizing their greatest potential for change.
As an integrative therapist, my therapeutic techniques and approach stem from a combination of theoretical approaches. I use my knowledge and rapport with my client to build a specific plan of treatment. My integrative approach focuses in existential and person-centered therapeutic techniques.
Throughout our healing journey together I maintain the belief that you are the expert on your life and I’m collaborating with you. I create space for open dialogue, providing unconditional positive regard as you grow. I’ll collaborate with you to develop and work through goals and strategies which allow you to lead a happy, healthy, progressive life!

University of Houston
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