As a Black woman who is often seen as “having it all together,” it may be challenging to admit that you are having a difficult time. You may automatically say that you are “good” or “well” when people ask how you are doing but know deep down that this is a mask of how you are really feeling. Recognizing and admitting to yourself about the mask is the first courageous step to getting support. Even though many of us have been told to not let our guard down by showing others that we do not have it all together or that only “crazy” people who do not look like us go for therapy (not true!), you know what you need for yourself.
It takes tremendous courage to acknowledge that you are not quite yourself and to reach out for support. With over 16 years of experience working in the field, my therapeutic practice focuses on working with you to validate and process your thoughts/feelings as well as facilitate a process of evaluating options to address areas of stress.
While you may have already tried to reach out to those whom you usually reach out to for support, you may have arrived at the realization that you need a different type of support. I am able to provide this support from an objective and culturally grounded perspective. Please note: I am available to provide telehealth to anyone residing in California.

Master's & Ph.D. Clinical Psychology/California School of Professional Psychology
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