Let Intuitive Counseling, LLC help you find your inner you! If you are reading this you are probably seeking a judgement-free environment and a safe place to express yourself and your emotions. A place where you can come to an understanding of who you truly are and what it means to make healthy life decisions void of dysfunctional thinking. I truly believe the answers we are all searching for are within us; however due to trauma, dysfunction, or malfunctioning in thinking some of us need assistance in finding our inner voice.
I utilize an eclectic therapeutic approach to meet the needs of my clients. Person Centered Theory along with a blend of humanistic and evidenced based theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Theory has shown to be extremely helpful when re-teaching the brain to think in a healthy functioning way that is reflected in one’s life choices.
I am well aware many clients do not feel comfortable seeking assistance for their mental health concerns due to the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds the therapy profession. I offer Teletherapy Counseling for those who prefer to seek professional help for adults, children, couples or families… all from the comfort of your home.

Xavier University of Louisiana – MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
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