Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by our circumstances that we can’t see a way out. In an attempt to feel better, we fall into unhealthy patterns and habits that ultimately keep us stuck or make things worse. It can permeate our personal, professional and interpersonal lives but there is still hope. If you desire freedom for yourself and peace in your relationships, you’ve found a great starting place.
I want to help you strengthen your personal well-being emotionally, physically and spiritually. Within a relationship, I can support partners in improving communication and emotional connection while also tackling ongoing issues that are threatening your relationship.
My approach includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, attachment, and family systems theory to increase your understanding of how your core values, beliefs and behaviors were shaped and what you need to experience freedom. I work with clients to address unhealthy habits, addiction, emotional eating, codependency, poor boundaries, and toxic communication cycles.

Masters of Art, Counselling/East Tennessee State University
Been in Practice Since