Life, Peace, Wealth, and Health. You deserve it. I know coming to therapy can be challenging. Many things may stop us on our journey like, stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, and many other obstacles. Don’t let these thing stop you from accomplishing your life goals. You’re valuable so bet on yourself because purpose is waiting on the other side of pain.
Utilizing trauma informed care, person centered therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, I walk side by side with my clients to achieve their desired goals. I specialize in working with youth and young adults through life transitions. Supporting clients in discovering their gifts, exploring emotions, concurring fears, and creating a life of abundance.
It’s my intent to make therapy easy. A, B, C, its easy as 1, 2, 3. An everyday conversation experiencing breakthroughs with me. I invite you to experience the party of a life time, come experience therapy with me.

Master`s Degree, Social Work/Brown School at Washington University in St Louis
Been in Practice Since