There have been many restless nights and many days filled with panic and confusion. You’re trying to juggle work, relationships, and every thought that comes to mind. Recognizing that you can say “no” or standing up for your needs can be difficult at times. Explaining to your friends and family why you still feel the way you do feels frustrating and exhausting. My goal is to hold space for you to address the issues that seem endless.
You want to make sense of the overwhelming thoughts and emotions you may not understand. You want to go about your day without the constant worry. Feeling at peace would be nice. I’ve helped clients sit with the scary things that have happened in their life with a new lens and a greater sense of calmness.
I often use EMDR to help clients improve relationships and to learn more about themselves. To make this process even easier, check out our website (dallashealinghouse.com) to learn more about how I do therapy and our therapy space. I look forward to meeting you!

Southern Methodist University – MSc, Counseling
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