No one knows your true pain of being betrayed, feeling alone, dealing with infidelity/affairs, & a lack of trust, which makes it difficult to move forward. Intimacy issues, sexual challenges, pornography, pre-mature ejaculation, sexually unfulfilled, low sexual desire, & sexual pain are just some of the issues impacting your relationship. Constant arguments, a lack of respect, a lack of understanding & communication has you stuck. CALL ME! Together let’s explore the challenges that have impacted your relationship. Let’s talk about those unexpressed emotions. Together, lets explore ways to strengthen your bond & bring the love back.
Love is a CHOICE not a feeling! HEALING is a CHOICE! Successful relationships & forward movement requires forgiveness, commitment, & work! I know it’s hard & I know it hurts but you don’t have to stay here. You have tried a lot of things but you haven’t tried me! Let me help you CELEBRATE your love, HEAL your trauma, and LIVE a healthy life. INVEST in you!
I WELCOME all couples & clients! Clients suffering from anxiety & depression or clients dealing with traumatic experiences that has impacted their life. Lets talk in a confidential, comfortable, & safe environment. I offer freedom of expression. I offer a place to “just talk.” I desire to Heal Hearts, Heal Homes, Change Futures, Change Lives. Call me TODAY!

MA, Professional Counseling/Amberton University
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