Currently, I do not have any evening slots open. Social distancing? I offer teletherapy. You can still receive your services and stay safe. Your family’s dysfunction WILL NOT scare me! ( I promise.) You are not “crazy” because you are seeking counseling. To me, you are BRAVE! Question? Are you struggling?? Now take a long deep breath….(“no, for real….take a deep breath.”) Therapy is self-care! Invest into your best asset…….YOU! You don’t have to do this alone. It is okay NOT to be okay! Question? Do you feel like you have tried everything you know to do? It’s time to exhale! (take another deep breath.)
You act like you have it all together, but it’s just an ‘act.’ You think your child is ‘looney toons’ and so is your partner. You can’t stand either of them, most of the time. (Please know, “I get it!”) You will get through this. Life happens, EVERY DAY and it’s hard!( Especially now) Let’s work on life’s issues together, dysfunction and ALL!
Suffering in silence is no longer provides a holistic approach to you being well and whole. Through your process, working with me you will receive the utmost respect, support, challenge and motivation. I look forward to working along side you with understanding and unconditional support. I have been trained in Gotten Level 1 Couples Therapy Method.

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