Many of the clients that I partner with are individuals who are looking for joy but may struggle with past issues, hurts, and pain. Some of my partners struggle with rejection, race, class and gender issues that are impacting their peace. Others that I work with are looking for their niche in life and need help processing their emotions or just need an extra ear. I have partnered with many who are along their grieving process journey or dealing with a break-up. Some may come from emotionally or physically abusive backgrounds, be it from parents or partners. Together we can build the future you want, need and have imagined!
While I use a variety of different modalities we will find those that best meet your needs. I can help you find inner peace, problem-solving and emotionally focused solutions. Specialties include: Relationships, Adult Children of Immature Parents (emotionally unstable parents) -Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Faith and Spirituality, Depression & Anxiety,
Life can be challenging. Sometimes just talking with someone and being able to process with one who is nonjudgmental is what we all need. I invite you to partner with me as we seek to bring you into the fullness you were created to be. Let’s seek clarity and meaning together. As a trained research scientist, we will find hope! I DO NOT accept insurance.

Master of Social Work (MSW)Clinical/Columbia University - Columbia School of Social Work
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