Clients who seek my services embrace spiritually-integrated counseling and therapy, which combines empirically-based interventions with spiritual resources in their journey of transformation. Despite the different reasons that bring clients to therapy, all of them need a safe space to unravel the problematic narratives of their lives, embrace the possibility of new futures, and learn new practices that help strengthen personal and communal bonds.
Using narrative -informed practices, I bring to this work a deep commitment to total health, healing, and and the sacred gift of communal life. My work as a pastoral counselor is a culmination of my professional experience, education, training, and personal journey toward wholeness and health.
Do you feel trapped or defeated because of a situation that is causing you and/or your family distress? Are you ready to choose a new direction for your life? Then, I’m glad we found each other. Contact me today to start a new chapter in your story.

Doctor of Ministry, Clinical Pastoral Counselling/Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since