Ms. Logan is a clinical social worker (LISW-S) who specializes in trauma, cultural inclusivity, and innovative recovery practices for sustained independence. Ms. Logan is dedicated to eliminating the antecedents of incarceration, homelessness, and mental instability related to community and institutional dysfunction.
My specialty is focused on unpacking trauma and distressing experiences impacting life’s functioning, specifically impacting Black teens and adult males, such as anger, shame, apathy, and depression. Court-ordered treatment or reports are welcome. I help formerly incarcerated individuals address life adjustment barriers.
Project LIFT Services is a safe space to share the most vulnerable aspects of your life. Everyone is working to overcome negative perspectives that they are not good enough or capable of moving past an experience…we help people find hope through healing and self-empowerment.

Doctorate Ed.D., Higher Education and Adult Learning/ Walden University
Been in Practice Since