“I’m tired of dealing with this. I need help.” There’s a set of unwanted guests stuck at your emotional table: Fear. Guilt. Regret. Anger. These guests are stopping you from enjoying your life. It’s hard to make friends with people at work or school because its hard to trust them. Safety is a luxury so you’re cautious anywhere you go. Most nights, you can’t sleep because of the Worry Wheel spinning in your head keeping you up at night. Add in nightly nightmares and sleep is a luxury. Why is this happening? Abuse, neglect, loss, failed relationships, near death experiences are holding your life hostage. So what now?
Welcome to the world of therapy! Designed by you and me! I’m here to help and guide you on the journey of deliverance from the past. In therapy we will find ways to help you break the emotional and physical hold the past has on you and show you how to live in the present. And when those unwanted guests show up, you’ll be able to walk them out the door.
First, take a deep breath! This is scary stuff! You don’t have to live this version of life. Second, call me! Schedule a phone consultation before jumping in to therapy. This is about you and you need to be comfortable. If you want to move forward, we’ll set up your first appointment and get started. You got this. Let’s get to work!

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