Please reach out for 30 min complimentary consultation. – Greenlake or West Seattle office. Resolving struggle takes courage, and walking through the counseling door shows me that you’re bold enough to face challenges head-on. Whether you suffer with anxiety, depression, career transitions, bullying, relationship troubles or divorce, I will guide you through to a better place by understanding what you need internally and teaching you skills to translate your newfound self-knowledge into a positive direction. We’ll build your emotional and cognitive skills to help you be more self-aware and able to access your inherent strength and resilience. Offering services at Greenlake.
I work with adult individuals, couples, teens and families utilizing various therapeutic approaches to help my clients feel more connected to themselves and others, and experience increased levels of well-being. My therapeutic approaches include narrative, structural, brief, emotionally focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy integrating systems theory.
I have 18+ years of academic and corporate life experiences and am a Associate licensed Mental Health Counselor with a MA in Clinical Psychology. I’m a Certified Leadership Development, Executive and Career Coach. Phone: (206) 319-5706. Email: [email protected] Web: lavonnedorsey.com

LIOS - Saybrook University
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