You are my ideal client if you are ready to change your life, relationships, or to maintain an mental illness. I work with those who have experienced /experiencing grief or loss, chronic illness, pain, marriage issues, divorce, anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia, post traumatic stress, or sexual abuse. (male or female) I also enjoy working with those who want to discover who they are, and identify what they are feeling. If you desire someone to assist you with the above concerns please allow me to help you identify, understand and create the change you desire.
I use a blend of evidence based treatment models tailored to meet your need. In addition I specialize in Word Therapy a process that assists in identifying the words and or phrases that you speak, or that were spoken to you which reflects and identifies your core belief operating positively or negatively in your life.
What makes my practice unique is that each session is tailored to meet the client’s unique situation, spirituality and finances. Life as wonderful as it is can be overwhelming. We all need assistance at some point in our life, and therapy with a focus on you can be very helpful. I invite you schedule an consultation today.

Master of Arts in Psychotheraphy and Faith Counselling/Christian Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since