Hello! I am Lisa Wainwright, the Founder of D.I.Y Wellness, Alternative/Complementary Mental Wellness Coaching! I am a licensed therapist and I created this coaching program because I want to help people beyond the traditional therapy setting! This is mental health done differently! It is not traditional therapy but wellness coaching! No stigma at all, and here is why! It combines traditional Eastern Medicine like yoga, breath work, energy channeling, natural herbal healing, and other complementary therapies to help you begin to address your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions that comprise your wellness!
You will practice techniques and learn ways to improve your stress levels, decrease depression and anxiety all while becoming your own healer. There are groups as well as a free online Positive Affirmations App that allows you to join a community of others who are also seeking to heal and grow! Here you learn how to take care of you!
As a licensed therapist, I feel that traditional services are great for some people, but there are other individuals that need something different! In addition, because insurance companies only reimburse for traditional talk therapy, most people are subjected to this limited support with no other alternatives! Try something New! Try something Natural!

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.), Salisbury University
Been in Practice Since