If you have been plagued with worry resulting in cycling and negative thoughts, fear and doubt, trauma, sadness, stress, sleep disruption, and substance abuse, I can help. Do you struggle to remain sober, drink, or use more than you realize? I can help you develop achievable goals and a healthy support system to decrease relapse potential.
Through neuroscience and eclectic treatment approaches the client learns to develop new neuropathways in their brain and reframe old thought patterns and traumatic events. I use a whole health approach to address the entire body. I provide neurofeedback in addition to psychotherapy services.
I’ve worked with clients to help them decrease worry, raise mood, and lower addictive behaviors. I am vested in helping you gain control over symptoms that may seem insurmountable. I believe you have the ability to change. Let’s collaborate so that you can begin to live your best life.

Walden University - Ph.D., Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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