Anger Management, Behavioral Issues, Child or Adolescent

We are committed to providing comprehensive treatment to clients in a manner that considers, not only the troubling behavior or concern, but rather, explores the pathway that clients traveled long before they arrived at their present destination. You may have experienced negative behaviors or responses and felt as though you lacked control over what occurred. You may have approached each day with good intentions only to find yourself repeating a pattern of behavior, without understanding why you can’t seem to get it right. Each day, you wake up seeking a new reality and positive outcomes, but the cycle continues. Call us today!
We offer a trauma informed approach to treatment, looking beyond flashing emotions and adverse behaviors. We specialize in treating those who suffer from depression, anger, anxiety and more. Our specialties are working with adolescents/young adults with adverse behaviors and managing anger, as well as families who are struggling to adjust, or get along.
You’ve been trying to figure out why you do the things you do, or why you keep seeing the same outcomes time and time again. You blame yourself for everything and have reached a point to where you’ve accepted life as it is and can’t see a way out. We are here to restore hope, explore truths, and work with you to create change. Be encouraged!

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