If you’re not living the life you love, lets talk about it. I work with highly ambitious, driven people whose lives seem to be going well on the outside – but privately, they’re in pain. My clients may also experience lack of focus and procrastination. The cause may be evident or waiting to be discovered. Either way, something needs to be addressed in order to fully blossom, and my clients are willing to do the work to address it.
I believe therapy works best when it’s a collaborative process, between therapist and client. I don’t believe in practicing from a distance. I bring my real self in a warm, authentic, and supportive way. Using research-based methodologies, I offer specific tools and methods for staying present, connected and centered despite the challenges that life brings.
Therapy is an investment .. I encourage you to take your time and trust your instincts when considering for the right therapist. Check out my website to see if you think I’d be a good fit for you. I make it very easy for you. My modern office is located in the south loop with free 2 hour parking. You can book online today.

Master’s degree / Loyola University of Chicago
Been in Practice Since