Welcome. Most people seek therapy when they feel something in their life is just not quite right. Maybe you have identified the problem – anxiety, depression, or poor relationship patterns. Or maybe you are not sure, but you know something is off. At Full Circle, we help our clients figure out what is at the core of their struggles, then collaborate to figure out new solutions, new perspectives, and new ways of being. Therapy is a journey of deeply personal exploration and understanding. We take pride in and enjoy helping our clients connect with their true selves on the path to healing and a better quality of life.
We work with adults and adolescents who are struggling with mood problems (i.e. depression, anxiety, anger), life transition and adjustment, relationship problems, career issues, issues unique to young adults, and LGBTQi+ issues. We also provide diagnostic and forensic psychological testing and evaluations for a variety of referral questions and concerns.
There is no “reset button” for the past, but we can make changes for the future. If you are ready to do the work towards healing, please call our office today.

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