Self-Esteem, Stress, Women’s Issues

You’re tired, stressed and can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. You’ve been feeling depressed, anxious, or angry. Snapping at folks. Wondering what is wrong with you. You tried to eat it away, drink it away, might even tried to sex it away. But the relief is only temporary, and you feel worse afterwards. Things are not getting any better and you’re thinking there has got to be another way. Maybe you even started to think this is just how your life is going to be. No one seems to get it when you tried to talk about it. You just want to get back to happy!
If only someone would listen and not judge you, maybe you could breathe again. Start to find your way back to your true self. Discover healthier ways to manage. If you could just figure out how to move forward. If you’re ready for some relief and this speaks to you, know that it’s okay to reach out. I am ready to listen.
I can support you to do the work to reclaim your power and build on your strengths (yeah you got some!). I will help you to move through the stress, pain, and anxiety that has hijacked your life. Whether we work individually or within a group there is strength in numbers! Lets talk so you can get started. Quit putting it off, make the call.

MSW, Clinical Social Work/ Virginia Commonwealth University
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