Life gets tough sometimes. I help teenagers, adults and couples in a confidential setting online and in the office. Evening hours are offered 3 days a week and counseling is offered in English and Spanish. I have worked intensively in the areas of Stress, relationship issues, adjustment, trauma, emotional intelligence, depression, and anxiety. Talking in a therapeutic setting can help you to become more effective in your personal life, career, and in your relationships. I have been providing therapeutic services for over 20 years as a Social-Community Psychologist in Puerto Rico and as a Mental Health Counselor in Orlando, Florida.
My approach to therapy is an integrative approach in a non-judgmental, compassionate and accountable environment. The focus, techniques, and length of therapy are set depending on the client’s circumstances, therapeutic needs and the goals of treatment. For some, brief counseling is appropriate, longer-term therapy work better for others.
Te hablamos en Espanol desde tu llamada para hacer tu cita y la terapia sera culturalmente apropiada. I have a special interest in helping women and men to overcome gender-specific issues that impair their ability to find happiness within themselves and their relationships.

MA, Psychology/Universidad de Puerto Rico
Been in Practice Since