The most gratifying aspect of my work is when I’m able to witness your attainment of a true sense of mental wellness and emotional stability, a state where you feel confident in your ability to face and cope effectively with your life challenges. I strive to create a supportive, caring, and nonjudgemental environment where you’ll feel safe to thoroughly explore your concerns. As you progress through the therapeutic process, you’ll gain awareness and insight into to your underlying core issues, witness your own personal growth, and feel empowered to bring about the changes that you desire.
My professional experience entails providing years of counseling for individuals, couples, and families. My work focuses on assisting adults, both young and seasoned, in coping with life’s challenges & rough patches, transitions & adjustments, marriage & relationship issues, family dysfunction, trauma, and anxiety.
The Cope Clinic offers the help that you need to confidently overcome your challenges. We will equip you with effective coping skills that will enable you to respond healthily to similar challenges in your future. Come in today to obtain a renewed sense of hope.

MA Community Counseling/The University of Texas at San Antonio
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