Healing is a journey that is unique to each person’s individual lived experiences. Maybe you’ve experienced discrimination, trauma, or unhealthy relationship patterns that cause you to feel disconnected, unsure about yourself or life trajectory, or develop unhealthy coping mechanisms. Maybe you’re feeling stuck or wondering if healing is even possible. In therapy I provide a safe open space that allows for growth, exploration, and healing tailored to your individual needs.
I make intentional effort to consider the socio-cultural context of our environment and how that impacts our individual experiences. I am attuned to how people develop and experience various intersecting identities and how this impacts their mental health. I will be alongside you during your healing process.
The journey of self-love and healing is not easy. I am confident that with the willingness to try, utilizing therapy can help guide you toward a place of self-love and acceptance and strengthen your ability to cope with difficult situations in your life. I look forward to connecting with you along your healing journey.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville- Doctor of Philosophy PhD, Psychology
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