Need to talk to someone unbiased who will challenge, support and not pacify you? If so, am the clinician for you. My mantra is: “it doesn’t matter where your journey begins; only where it ends and what you pass and pick up along the way.” For the past nine years I have served the “working well” (i.e…individuals like you facing every day struggles) and individuals in the criminal justice system. Both populations faced difficulty with adjustment, depression, anxiety, loss, relationships, anger, substance use, parenting and major mental illness. However, the major difference between them was the resources available to cope.
I utilize strength based modalities but I am not a one size fits all clinician so my modality is dependent upon your needs. I offer individual, couple, family and group therapy. Ten years facilitating anger and stress management groups. Despite what stage in your journey you find yourself seeking support, I can empower you to reach your goal.
Clinical supervision, consultation, speaking engagements/presentations and support/connection to resources for individuals post incarceration and/or detainment available. I do not shrink from challenges but should services beyond my expertise arise I will offer referrals. EMAIL ONLY PLEASE.

Master of Social Work –MSW/ Boston College
Been in Practice Since