There is no shortage of reminders that life can be challenging at times, sometimes leaving us feeling hopeless. You may be working to move forward, but how can you, if you can’t seem to shake your PAST? Don’t feel alone. This feeling is more common than you think. There are solutions to this question and WE can find them together.
Hardships come in many forms and do not discriminate. Whether you are facing self-defeat, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma or addiction, on the other side of adversity is a BETTER LIFE. You do not have to endure life’s struggles by yourself. There are coping tools that can encourage you to live a happy life with purpose and I am here to help YOU!
I have the ability to empower individuals, families and communities to gain the knowledge, skills and resources needed to improve their quality of life. With my help you can learn how to deal with stressors, mental illness, addiction and the troubles of everyday life. I invite you to break the STIGMA and begin your new journey to a fresh start

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Clinical Mental Health/Lamar University
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