*I am currently not accepting new clients.* I am a licensed educational psychologist and psychotherapist. There are times in life when you may struggle with social-emotional issues that are overwhelming. You may be dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, social stress, relational conflicts, low self-esteem, poor impulse control, trauma, or the challenges of college life. Navigating the myriad of social stressors frequently requires learning new skill sets, which at times may include further development of your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
My goal is to support you as the author of your story and create an approach that fits your unique needs. I focus on helping clients build those inner resources and when possible a network of support that help them weather the challenges in life and promote lasting change.
My treatment modality is holistic and integrative. Everyone is unique and as individuals no one therapeutic style may work for everyone. I may incorporate parts of different therapeutic approaches to create a custom fit based on each client’s

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