Counseling is a tool one uses to identify personal shortcomings as well as gaining insight into one’s own self-exploration. My approach to counseling begins with establishing a working collaboration with the client. As a therapist, I believe it is my responsibility to demonstrate to each client that they are in a safe, trusting, environment, and to help them understand why they are having difficulties.
Counseling encompasses adhering to ethics established in the profession and not interjecting my personal beliefs and values into the therapeutic process. Most importantly, letting clients know and feel they are the most important aspect of any process is a must.
Each client is unique and will present different challenges. Using different counseling modalities, adapted to the uniqueness of each client, will help get to the core issues. My goal is to empower clients, providing them with confidence that they can overcome any challenge in the future.

Wayland Baptist University - San Antonio Master of Arts in Counseling yCounseling Psychology
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