WHY THERAPY? Finding a therapist or counselor can be an anxiety-provoking pursuit and a fairly confusing, & stressful one too. In my experience, people seek treatment for a wide variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety/stress, relationship problems, parenting difficulties, low self-esteem, and so on. Seeking therapy is an act of maturity and strength! It says that you recognize that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with some aspect of your life and that you ultimately want to function and feel better.
MY APPROACH My goal in therapy is to provide a safe confidential setting for you to begin exploring the events and situations that created your emotional distress. In this process you will to gain control and find new ways of coping, by changing disruptive patterns
WHO AM I I am an experienced psychotherapist that treat adults and children. My approach is generally psychodynamic; tilizing behavioral and cognitive techniques if the treatment requires. Specialties include children and cultural identity issues. I am also a supervisor of other therapists PLease visit me at my website: WWW. MBClinicians.com

New York University
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