Are you seeking new ways to cope and manage with life stress, depresion, anxiety, or simply seeking helpful ways to meet your personal goals? If so, you will benefit from participating in this psychoeducational class designed to share useful coping strategies with you. Coping Sensibly Skills Classes are taught using Zoom and class size is intentionally kept small. All participants must complete a class screening to determine appropriateness for this online group experience. Participants will be expected to support and maintain the privacy of all participants attending class.
Come and learn of the benefits of using evidenced based strategies to support you with addressing mental health symptoms, life stress, and your personal goals. For more information visit, www.copingsensibly.com or call (209)395-0796.
I am well trained and experienced therapist dedicated to helping individuals reach their desired goals. I believe in a collaborative process that fosters mutual respect, cultural sensitivity, and personal growth. Feel free to contact me to learn more about my services. At this time I am not accepting new individual therapy appointments.

Master of Social Work/California State University Sacramento
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