You ever feel like cocooning? You know, when you just want to shut out the world. For many it happens when relating to others feels draining, work is no longer fulfilling, or when it’s hard to feel good about anything. Life feels so heavy that it’s as if there’s no way out. This is how depression and anxiety can feel.
Depression, anger, shame and anxiety can rob us of a sense of control over our lives. But there is hope. You can feel energized and joyful again. Life can feel light and fun. You can have a reason to smile again. Through a collaborative relationship, we can help you to figure out the causes of your distress and develop a plan for taking back control.
I’ve spent two decades helping people remove obstacles to living a more fulfilling life. To start, we’ll focus on your thoughts, feelings, and other factors that play a role in your suffering. We’ll identify changes you can make to experience a life of freedom and optimism. You can start to reclaim your life from depression and anxiety now by contacting me.

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Penn State
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