I’m an advocate for self-compassion. I want to help you calm your inner critic and practice more vulnerability and self-acceptance. Working with high anxiety, high achieving individuals and at times being one myself, I have seen that there is no room to be “good enough”. There is a constant struggle between the desire for perfection and a need for rest. Maybe you’re the strong friend or the person everyone goes to for advice. Do your relationships feel one sided or are you the one who always has to compromise and please others? It’s time to change the narrative. You can control your difficult emotions and negative thoughts.
Whether it’s challenging negative thoughts, addressing imposter syndrome, or building your self-esteem, I’m here to help you gain perspective and practice self-compassion. Utilizing a collaborative, recovery-oriented approach, I can help you discover your internal strengths and resources. Together, we will identify and achieve your therapeutic goals.
I want to remind you that your heartaches matter, your pains are valid. You don’t have to be perfect to be okay. I help people make space for their emotions and all aspects of their identity. I’m here to help you work through your anxiety and reclaim your peace.

Loma Linda University/ MS in Marital and Family Therapy
Been in Practice Since