My areas of focus include but are not limited to assisting clients who are living with depression, stress, anxiety, grief and loss, substance abuse, impaired self-esteem, life adjustments, and school-related issues. I also assist clients in learning how to better express their concerns and frustrations by helping them to identify their individual rights and the importance of doing so in a constructive manner which in turn, builds their confidence and promotes positive interpersonal skills.
The theoretical basis for my counseling has a Person-Centered approach, which encourages the client to take the lead in therapy and the therapist takes the non-leading role. This therapeutic approach encourages rapport between the client and counselor as well as increased self-esteem and increased ability to express feelings etc.
In addition, when necessary, I will integrate other theoretical approaches based upon the needs of the client such as the Cognitive Behavioral approach. By doing so, the client will make the correlation between thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to gain insight on how their behaviors /outcomes stem from their feelings but initially, their thoughts

Doctor of Philosophy PhD, Counselor Education and Supervision/University of Holy Cross
Been in Practice Since