Life happens to the best of us. We can find ourselves living in the shadows of our own lives for years while health, relationships and overall satisfaction with life continue to suffer. Do you envision a more fulfilling life? Do you keep thinking “if only …” but you just feel stuck? What is holding you back? Whether you need to get past a rough patch or develop a long-term success plan, therapy is a tool to help you explore core beliefs and build strategies for healing, coping and acceptance. Let’s schedule a time to talk and you can tell me what you’re looking for to decide if I am a good fit for your journey!
My passion is helping highly motivated women overcome feelings of anxiety and build confidence. There is no one size fits all style in therapy. I create a safe space for you to tell your story as we develop a plan together that is unique to you to meet your goals. By being present and genuine, my clients have found me to be relatable and easy to talk to.
Think about how you see your life if your current circumstances were different. I am a believer that you can restore hope to almost any situation that is deserving of your energy. That is the vision behind Restoring Hope Together, PLLC.

Master`s Degree Social Work/North Carolina State University
Been in Practice Since