My areas of passionate expertise are anxiety, family therapy and self/spiritual growth. With 20 years of experience with OCD, I can help you or your child using an empirically supported combination of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and family and mindfulness techniques when appropriate. I treat other anxiety disorders such as GAD, social anxiety and panic and can help you find a healthier relationship with your fears. In my work with families, I empower the parent-child relationships while addressing issues such as anxiety, emotional dysregulation, defiance and acting out behaviors.
Based on a philosophy called “conscious parenting”, seeing parenting as a spiritual journey able to facilitate growth in both parent and child, I offer coaching for parents aligned with this view. Additionally, I offer individual therapy for people seeking personal growth using a multitudinous approach to fit your being.
I draw from various treatment modalities, my own life’s journey and spiritual teachings to create a holistic approach. Being a part of your journey is a meaningful to me. My practice includes licensed associates offering lower fee services. Looking forward to connecting with you.

MSW Social Work/UCLA
Been in Practice Since